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(CZ) recycling set max 70t/


PSP DCD 4702 + Resta
Year of prod - 1997
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Condition: Very good


LITTLE USED (+ new paint

1) Crusher semi-compact 700x500 DCD
El. 400 V (40 kW engine)
Slot 10-60 mm
Performance 12-70 t / h
Vibr. Hopper 3.5m3 ZRUP
magnet. Separator WAMAG
Withdraw the conveyor

Dimensions ca: D 9.3 x S 2.1 x 3.5 m
And the hopper (can be removed?) And without an additional 300mm shield
(Removable and mountable on which side hopper

Weight 14.5 t (incl
And 4 hanger rope for the crane

Transport of a conventional semi-trailer (adjustment that at the same time it is possible to transfer the assistance of a special attachment
Up to 3x 10m without chassis

2) semi-sorter
2x screen 2x1 m - mesh ca 63 + 16 mm
Skip platform, remove railing
Output hopper for 3 fractions,

Also suitable for compost

3) 3x Belt conveyor belt 600mm, 10m

40 km from us

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