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press for concrete troughs / blocks


orig. prototyp
Year of prod - 1991



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orig. prototype machine for continuous production of such concrete cable cover (see prospectus). Principle roll and dry concrete on the steel surface and the distribution of the concrete layer pneumatic scissors. Steel washers shall be deposited into the machine manually, through the lubricant space (before the roll, concrete pad is automatically deposited layers antiform oil), then press the wheel on which the concrete mix, and after getting out of the machine after the roller track individual products are already separated by air . Finished it leaves the roller track with steel mats unloading tables with 4 or 8 has a manually classified by drying racks.

Capacity 8 pcs / min (480 pcs / h)

Changing the compression rollers can produce different products with lengths of 30 and 60 cm and width 20 cm.

Power = speed of crankshaft mechanism - 8 rpm.
Total power consumption 8.5 kW - of which drive the forming roller 4 kW
Drive 4kW feed pads
lubrication pump drive pads 0.5 kW.

running about 6 years
used only 2 times a week for 3 h.

Due to changes in the production line program has shut down 1997

Made to order on the basis of drawings of the designer in the corporate machinery research institute in Liberec in 1991.
all components, engines, gearboxes, bearings, chains, press wheels, steel washers, and many other parts are from different vendors.
Liberec produced and performed only Fremen assembly.

Individual invoices for engineering components available.
Drawings in 2 binders full, accompanied by a technical report and conditions \"and\" Test Protocol \".

The purchase price for the year 1992 - 1 Mio


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